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"Don't Be Hasty, Master Meriadoc!"

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Peter (cont.): … but when we created this montage for the poem, it was quite late in post-production and Weta didn’t really have time to do any new shots, and so we said, “Well, why don’t we use that old [laughing] … that old test shot that we did, like, about three years ago?” and we, sort of, got it of the files [Philippa laughs] and dusted it off and put it into the movie. (beat) [“Don’t Be Hasty, Master Meriadoc!”] Entmoot. Always quite tricky, because we didn’t quite know what Entmoot should, sort of, look like or sound like; and we shot some extra material: we ended up, kind of, putting into the theatrical version a hybrid of two or three of these Entmoot scenes, but here on the DVD, we’ve put them back to being how we originally wrote and shot them, which was just, sort of, extending and stretching out the same idea just a little bit longer, but it is –.

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