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EE Commentary Transcripts

Peter, Fran and Philippa

Welcome to my humble little site, where you can find transcripts of the Director and Writers Commentaries on the Extended Edition DVDs of The Lord of the Rings. So far, I have FotR and TTT up, and I hope to start work on RotK very soon.

I started these transcripts in June 2003 with FotR, but gave up after a short amount of time. I took it up again some time early in 2004, and have been working on it on and off since then (I must admit, it has been more off than on!). It's been quite time-consuming and hard work, but it's been a labour of love, and I've really enjoyed it. The Director and Writers Commentaries have always been my favourite out of the four commentary tracks on the DVD: I could listen to Peter, Fran and Philippa for hours (and having done so much transcribing, I really have done!).

June 2006 update: In addition to four long documents each covering a whole disc's commentary, you can now view the transcripts scene-by-scene; to view to contents page, click here.

Here are the transcripts that I have so far:

RotK Disc 1
RotK Disc 2
To be completed
To be completed

Also, feel free to print off or save the transcripts to your computer, but please do not use them for anything other than personal use without including a link back to this site. Thanks!


The Lord of the Rings and its content does not belong to me, it is property of the Tolkien Estate;  the commentaries transcribed here, as well as the images used, are the property of New Line Cinema.