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"Where is the Horse and the Rider?"

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Peter (cont.): … we have the scene where Théoden is relaying the – is, sort of, saying that poem, which again has a sense of despair; Aragorn talks to the young boy; and it’s just nicely building up the tension, and we had Théoden give quite a stirring, rallying speech to the soldiers, but, in a funny kind of a way, it was almost so effective that it almost made you believe that they were okay [laughs], and so for that reason, we decided it undermined what we were attempting to do, which was to build up this sense of dread before the battle. (beat) [“Where is the Horse and the Rider”] Where did this poem come from? Is it… is it a poem that Aragorn says in the book?

Fran and Philippa: [together] Yeah.

Peter: Yeah.

Fran: Isn’t it in reference to Boromir’s death?

Philippa: No. No, it’s… he says it when he looks on the Golden Hall of Meduseld…

Fran: Oh, really?

Philippa: … when he reveals that he knows these people quite well. He says it in their own tongue.

Peter: This is one of my favourite scenes in the movie. We shot it in slow motion, so we filmed it with high-speed cameras, and the actors are actually, you know… we filmed their dialogue slowly, so when you heard the original sound, they were [elongated vowels] so-o-ort of ta-a-alking li-i-ike tha-a-at, [normal pace] and when we did the ADR, of course, we were able to ADR a more natural speak – speaking, but still with the same slow pace, and it just gives it a slightly dreamy quality [?]. These Uruk-hai crowd shots [screen cap] were actually done originally as a test-shot for one of our very early teaser trailers before ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’ came out, and we didn’t think we’d ever use it in the movie, because it was just a Weta test, …

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