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EE Commentary Transcripts

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Peter (cont.): [Entmoot] All of Fangorn Forest in these scenes was a big model that we built, a great, big miniature that filled, you know, half a studio. It was huge, like, a human being would be almost the size of Treebeard when standing in the miniature: it was quite big, but it’s all just model trees that were built by Weta and photographed; and then all of these shots of the Hobbits were blue-screened, and so we could never really find a location for Fangorn: it was always… needed to be a twisty, gnarly, fantasy-type forest, and we ended up having to build it entirely ourselves. (beat) Alan Lee contributed enormously to the look of the different Ents; and they’re all based on trees, you know, there’s willow trees and oak trees and rowan tree, linden tree… elm, I think. I love the characters that the faces of them – like the faces we’re seeing here, there –. To me, the faces of the Ents almost are the most successful thing of capturing that Alan Lee look that was in his ‘Faeries’ book – remember that book ‘Faeries’ [Fran: Yes.] that he did? [Fran: Yeah.] – and that, you know, the face of that Ent kind of, somehow, just manages to capture that whimsical…

The Glittering Caves >>

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