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EE Commentary Transcripts
Dwarf Women

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<< Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit

Peter: Hi. Welcome to the second half of the commentary: I hope you’ve made a cup of tea, gone to the toilet, done all that you need to do, and let’s get back into it again. (beat) [Dwarf Women] More location shooting in Deer Park Heights in Queenstown.

Philippa: This speech here, Pete, Fran and I found in the back of the appendices one day, and we just were laughing hysterically, and then we decided we’d actually chuck it in; but it’s a bit of actual information which you can find in the appendices, about Dwarves, and we decided to give it to Gimli, because John Rhys-Davies is such a wonderful actor at making this sort of thing work. And it was also a moment to see a slightly light – more light-hearted Éowyn, so she’s not all grim and dark and icy maiden the whole time. (beat)

One of the Dúnedain >>

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