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Massacre at the Fords of Isen

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Philippa: [Éomer approaches the Fords of Isen, screen cap] Now it wasn’t actually raining on this shot, was it?

Peter: No, this rain was added later. It was… It’s computer-generated rain. We did use rain towers for the close-ups, but this is too big and wide to be able to be covered by a rain tower. This is real rain [screen cap]: this is just, you know, coming off a tower now. (beat) The Fords of Isen is quite an evocative scene, which I… I really wanted to include it in the theatrical version, but I don’t think any of it ended up in the theatrical version, did it?

Philippa: No.

Peter: And it’s establishing the character of Théodred, King Théoden’s son; and this is, sort of, really our first glimpse of the people of Rohan – the soldiers of Rohan, certainly –; and Éomer: it introduces Éomer. (beat) It’s political intrigue that’s in the book, and it’s a bit hard to translate it into the movie, because, you know, nobody knows, really, at this stage, that Saruman’s Orcs are causing this damage, that they assume the Orcs are coming from Mordor, …

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