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The Departure of the Fellowship

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Peter (cont.): One of the reasons why Frodo does what he sets out to do is because of the fact that he sees through Bilbo just how evil this Ring is and why it must be destroyed. (beat) [Elrond farewells the Fellowship] In the theatrical version, as you know, we just thundered straight out of Rivendell following the scene with Bilbo and Frodo; and we had shot this farewell. We actually shot a little bit more of it, too: there’s some more footage that doesn’t appear on this version of the film, either, where Elrond and Frodo have a little conversation. But, this was what we thought was going to be in the film for quite some time, until at the very last minute we decided to trim it out. It’s just nice because it allows Frodo a moment where he just can convey to us the enormity of what he’s been thrust into, where suddenly he’s been put into the spotlight, that he’s the symbolic leader now: he’s the Ring-bearer, the leader of the Fellowship. (beat) And it allows us this one last opportunity to see Aragorn and Arwen together; and as readers of the book know, it’s going to be quite some time in the story before we see the two of them together again. (beat)

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