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Gilraen's Memorial

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Peter: [Gilraen’s Memorial] So welcome back to Disc Number 2, and we’re going straight into a scene that we had to delete from the theatrical version of the film, again just for momentum reasons. When we cut the film theatrically, we decided that once the Fellowship were formed, we had to, obviously, give Frodo the mithril vest and Sting; but we wanted to leave Rivendell as quickly as possible, and that was purely a momentum decision of just wanting to punch the film forward to its next act essentially. But we had shot this very lovely sequence where Aragorn is basically farewelling his mother’s grave, because he was brought up in Rivendell, he was raised by the Elves, which was something we never really got across strongly in the theatrical version, but scenes like this do illuminate on that side of his character. His mother died and was buried here in Rivendell, and so we used the moment of him farewelling his mother to reflect on his responsibilities: that Elrond is trying to encourage him to rise to his responsibilities, to become a leader of Men. But Aragorn feels that Men are so weak, that they’re so flawed – which he acknowledges even though he is one himself – that he really doesn’t know if he wants to go there. (beat)

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