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The Evenstar

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Philippa: [Pan over Rivendell at night, before we see Aragorn and Arwen on the bridge, screen cap] This is a miniature?

Peter: Yep, this is a miniature. It’s a model of Rivendell, about six foot long.

Philippa: [Aragorn and Arwen standing on the bridge] It’s a very early image that you wanted, isn’t it?

Peter: Yeah.

Philippa: This image, Peter had envisaged; and it was really wonderful to see it actually happen.

Fran: Mmm…

Peter: I wanted to shoot this scene really close, so there’s a lot of close ups: I wanted it to be just about their eyes and their hands, and, you know, I just wanted to somehow have the camera, kind of, seem incredibly intimate with the way that they’re relating to each other.

Philippa: The concept of the Evenstar as a physical object was one that we found, again, buried at the end of the book, at the end of ‘Return of the King’ and we felt that it was –.

Peter: Her name is Arwen Evenstar, isn’t it?

Philippa: Her name is Arwen Evenstar, and the concept that there is such a thing as the Evenstar… In fact, I think we thought about it, and then we realised that there was one.

Fran: She gives it to Frodo.

Philippa: She gives it to Frodo at the end, yeah. But it becomes more and more important, really, as the thing about her that he carries.

Peter: Well, we used it as a symbol of her mortality, didn’t we? [Philippa agrees]

Philippa: A symbol of her mortality and a symbol of what she’s giving to him.

Peter: Yeah.

Philippa: And what he carries with him.

Peter: And, needless to say, it’s not the last we see of the Evenstar: …

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