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Flotsam and Jetsam

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Peter (cont.): I think that would be a great toy. Imagine, you know –

Philippa: [laughing] Oh, Pete!

Peter: – you press a little button and you sort of… and Gimli’s arm moves and the thing twitches.

Philippa: Oh, that’s terrible!

Peter: Well I’d buy it. (beat) [Flotsam and Jetsam] This sequence, again, with Merry and Pippin was… we just decided we’d had such a climactic end to the battle that we felt that to have a long, extended denouement was just going to be asking for trouble when we did the movie version, but, of course, we’re able to put this in the DVD; and it does provide closure, too, to the little bit of rivalry with their height and the drinking of the Ent-draught that we didn’t… include that in the theatrical version either.

Philippa: [laughs, Pippin looks up at the sky] That’s a little reference to Film One.

Peter: Yeah.

Philippa: Now this, again, is, of course, true to the book, because they did actually discover Saruman’s store-house.

Peter: Well, I love the whole pipe-smoking back-story in the book, eh, you know how [Philippa: Mmm.] Saruman tells Gandalf off for smoking his pipe, but he’s really, secretly got a stash of pipe-weed himself.

Philippa: Mmm.

Peter: Ah no, it’s because Gandalf started smoking pipe-weed that Saruman was, sort of, envious of Gandalf’s, kind of, liberalism and he’d got pipe-weed to try it out for himself but kept it secret.

Fran: He was a secret smoker.

Peter: He was secret smoker, and so Isengard’s, kind of, like, full of all this pipe-weed from the Shire that Saruman has secretly smuggled in there. He probably indulges in pipe-smoking in the dead of night. I mean, I always liked that – you can’t really put it in the movie or get that much of it in the film, but…

Philippa: And I wonder what people are going to think of this scene! [laughs]

Peter: I don’t know.

Philippa: It’s going to be funny!

Peter: Go onto the Internet tomorrow and you’ll find out, Philippa!

Philippa: Oh, dear! It’s also our… just our two Hobbits – little Hobbits – indomitable, good-cheer and joy. [Pippin laughs] Oh, that’s great!

Peter: At the beginning of Film Three, we find them still enjoying the ‘spoils of battle’, as they say. (beat)

Farewell to Faramir >>

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