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Master Peregrin's Plan

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<< Retreat to the Hornburg

Peter (cont.): I –. You know, it was –. Again, it was a very important story point to end the battle at that stage, with the feeling that everybody was retreating…

Fran and

Philippa: [together] Mmm.

Peter: … that the battle was hopelessly lost at that point.

Philippa: [Master Peregrin’s Plan] This scene really is about Pippin’s… giving Pippin actually something to do in this story more than anything, really, and that’s this sudden mad, great idea. Pippin’s on a journey towards growing up, really, which is what we see especially coming true in the third film, ‘Return of the King’.

Peter: I love the Ents! I could, kind of, honestly make a whole film about the Ents.

Philippa: I think you should! That’d be fabulous!

Peter: A spin-off TV series: ‘Fangorn Forest’!

Fran: Where nothing happens. [Philippa laughs]

Peter: Where nothing happens… Well, nothing happens very quickly: it does happen eventually. But maybe Treebeard could be like some sort of crime-fighting tree…

Philippa: [laughing] Oh! Don’t!

Peter: … who solves murders and solves mysteries of what happens in Fangorn! He just does it very slowly. [Philippa laughs]

Philippa: I love the line, “That doesn’t make any sense to me,” because it doesn’t make any sense to anybody! [Philippa and Peter laugh]

Peter: The line at the end of this scene was an ad-lib of John’s, when he says, “I always like going down south, it feels like going downhill,” which was just something he threw into the end of the recording session that we did; but he often comes up with those really nice little lines that… We can always try to find places for them in the film. (beat)

Osgiliath >>

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