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A Daughter of Kings

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Philippa: [A Daughter of Kings] And look what the poor woman is reduced to! (beat) This was a quick rewrite, wasn’t it? Quick rewrite, give it to the actors, shoot it.

Peter: Was it one of those slipped under the hotel door…

Philippa: It was.

Peter: … ten o’clock at night, before we shoot it.

Philippa: This was based around wanting to get that great dialogue in of: “What is it you fear, my lady?” “A cage: to stay behind bars.” But you had that very strong instinct that it had to be more than that. We also loved that line, remember: “The women of this country learnt long ago those…”

Fran: “… without swords…”

Philippa: “… can still die upon them.”

Fran: I think this scene, more than any other, captures his spirit.

Philippa: Yeah, it does. It’s more true to [?] [Fran agrees] This is, I think, Miranda’s favourite. I think he’s really spunky in this scene.

Fran: It’s also the scene where you see that she falls in love with him: it’s quite a credible moment, really.

Peter: Is that why I got tossed…

Philippa: Yeah!

Peter: … out of the scene? [Philippa, laughing: You did! Yes!] And leave the spunky… The spunky Aragorn scenes get directed by Fran…

Philippa: Yeah.

Peter: … with Philippa hovering in the wings, sort of, drooling –

Philippa: [at same time as Peter] Actually, I want some guy…

Peter: [at same time as Philippa] – and I get to go off and shoot some Gollum stuff or something.

Philippa: [shrugging] Yeah! I want some guy to say that to me.

Peter: Do you?

Philippa: “You are a Shieldmaiden of Rohan.”

Peter: Well, I’ll say it to you.

Philippa: [at same time as Peter] I mean, you’d melt. Wouldn’t you melt? [laughs]

Fran: You did go through…

Peter: Well, do you want us to make you a suit of chain mail or something?

Philippa: [laughing] Yes!

Peter: And to get you a sword?

Philippa: I am Éowyn; Fran’s Arwen.

Exodus from Edoras >>

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