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Peter: The head of physical production for ‘The Lord of the Rings’ at New Line was Carla Fry, an incredibly courageous, wonderful lady who, really, was responsible for steering us through the process that led us to the green light of the film, and then supervised the production of all three movies through to the completion; and unfortunately, Carla succumbed to cancer about four months after the premiere of ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’ so out thoughts are always with her when we see the film, and certainly, she was very heavily involved in the next two movies as well, so I hope that in some way, these films are a legacy for Carla, because she certainly… she deserves all of our thanks and respect for the work that she did. (beat) We’ll see you round next time on the commentary for ‘The Two Towers’, which… We do need to get back and finish that film, so I’ll say goodbye now, rush off, finish ‘The Two Towers’ and we’ll all talk again at some point, I’m sure. So bye-bye everybody! ‘Till next time.

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