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"The Battle for Middle-earth is About to Begin"

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Fran: [“The Battle for Middle-earth is About to Begin”, screen cap] So, Pete, you’ve got to tell us who this bloke on the horse is.

Philippa: Yeah, over there.

Fran: [at same time as Philippa] At the end.

Peter: He’s…

Fran: And why is he there?

Peter: Well, he’s Éomer’s double…

Philippa: Who doesn’t look…

Peter: … and I think we were going to put Éomer’s head on him at some stage and never got round to it, but now he just is –. He’s a generic Rohan rider.

Fran: Right.

Peter: He’s the Fourth Lieutenant of the Second Company B-Division of the Mark. [Philippa laughs]

Fran: I see.

Peter: His name is George.

Philippa: George! You’re making it up.

Peter: And there’s going to be a TV show: he’s going to feature in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ spin-off TV series that New Line will do once these movies are finished [Philippa: Mmm.], you see: that was just a shot to really establish him in the movies –

Philippa: Right.

Peter: – and then he’ll later get his own TV show.

Fran: Right! The old head-replacement trick.

Peter: Yeah.

Philippa: What never got… done.

Fran: Yeah.

Philippa: Hmm.

Fran: Don’t go there.

Peter: [Samwise the Brave] This is a scene that we did as a pick-up: we shot this after we’d cut ‘The Two Towers’ together, and we did have the scene already shot which we see in a minute, where Gollum is plotting to kill them, but we felt that we wanted some… more affectionate closure on Frodo and Sam, especially since we did take their friendship right to the brink with Frodo with the sword at Sam’s throat, that we wanted to bring it back down to something that was much more fond and friendly.

Philippa: It’s also about the storytelling that Fran was referencing earlier.

Peter: Yeah. Yeah. The guys play this very well.

Philippa: [Sam: “Samwise the Brave”] It’s actually ‘Samwise the Stoutheart’ or something, isn’t it?

Gollum's Plan >>

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